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LifeChange Pentecostal Church
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Note from the Pastor

Rev. & Sis. MJ Blakley SR

 For the last several years, the Lord has dealt with me to plant a branch work of the First Pentecostal Church of Guy in Conway Arkansas. On October 10th, 2018, the Lord opened that door! We plan to hold one weekly service on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM beginning January 2nd 2018 in the Conference Room at Holiday Inn Express located at 2330 Sander Road, Conway AR.
We have deemed this new branch "Changing Chapters". It is my burden to help individuals close hurtful past chapters of their lives and open brand new chapters of peace, happiness, joy and success!
Jesus Christ has given us his glorious gospel that we will bind up the broken-hearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, and open prisons to them that are bound!

Life has a way of bidding us uncomfortable misfortunes that can often leave us wounded, bruised, broken, and bound. Good people have suffered chapters of unwanted divorce, leaving them hurting and feeling that all is lost. But God desires to allow those same people to change chapters! He wants to bring healing to their broken hearts! He wants to give them a new chapter of true happiness and joy!
Sometimes we as humans make poor decisions that place us in uncomfortable positions and produce hurtful chapters in our lives, leaving us wounded. But thank God there is hope! Through Jesus, you can step out of that past chapter and begin a new chapter free in Christ!
Misfortune may have caused you to fail financially. It may have robbed you of material blessings. Misfortune may have written a despairing chapter in your life, but God's Word can help you find a way back to his favor and prosperity! You simply need to change chapters!
Each week we use the word of God and do our best to teach people how to close past chapters and begin new ones!
Whether it is a marriage issue, addiction, or financial crisis that has you bound, God's Word and Spirit has the answer to it all!


Each Thursday night we will be gathering together to study the Word of God. We will be studying subjects such as:

  • "God's Biblical Plan of Salvation"
  • "Victorious Living"
  • "Search for Truth"
  • "How to Start A New Chapter In An Unhappy Marriage"
  • "Biblical Child Care Development"
  • "Money Management Classes"
  • "Business Motivation Classes"
  • "Testimonies of People With Broken Chains"
  • "Are You Trustworthy To Transport God's Money"

We will have various ministers and speakers helping with this outreach. But please understand, Changing Chapters is not just a series of motivation seminars. We gather with the expectation of having a visitation of God's Spirit because we are totally dependent on him to direct us into brand new chapters.

So, feel free to join us each week as we worship and seek his guidance and will in our lives.

Rev. MJ Blakley SR